Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The New Year January 2019

So the new year begins. There is a lot going on in January. First is the Missouri Open. It used to be the Missouri State Championship. But to get more participation, it's now open to anybody.

A funny story about the Missouri Championship and why I made the distinction between the tournament being a "State Championship", and an"Open". The best I ever did was to win Cricket at the Missouri Championship. My thought was, I was State Champion of Cricket, but the State Champion was only recognized for the Winner of 501. I tried to argue my point, but to no avail. What we did agree on there was a State CHAMPION (501), and State cHAMPION (Cricket) with a little "c"...Hence I got the nickname "Little c". 

Then the next week the Big Boys come to this are in Wichita.

If you want to stay local, Then there is a tournament at RC's in Martin City. 

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