Monday, January 7, 2019

The 2019 Missouri Open and From Here Knows Where.

The 2019 Missouri Open and From Here Knows Where.

The 2019 Missouri Open is in the books. The results should be posted here soon. 

So what were my results order.

Mixed Triples Cricket: Top 4 (Made a critical error that probably cost us going to finals),
Singles 501: Out First Round (I played well, maybe too welI, busted 98 in leg 3)
Doubles 501: Top 4 (Starting to get tired, missed a lot of darts at doubles)
Singles Cricket: Didn't play (like I said, I got tired. There is more to be gained tomorow with a big dinner and proper rest)

Mixed Triples 601: 2nd Place (Like I said, with proper rest came the finals)
Doubles Cricket: Top 8 (We just got outplayed my Eric Gregory and his partner)

From here knows where? The thing about life is, it's equally unfair for everybody. Some people are born with more talent than others. That's no excuse to not work harder than others to achive the same end. Life deals some of us a longer road to hoe, so be it.

I learned a lot from bicycle racing. I'm going apply some of those training stratagies to darts. Periodization is a form of scheduling training in phases. These phases are based upon increasing and decreasing both volume and intensity. For example you want to focus on the Governor's Cup in August. You want to develop a plan to peak around that weekend.

For the most part: as you increase intensity, you must decrease volume; conversely as you increase volume, you must decrease intensity. To put it another way. You can't practice all the time, and never compete; And you can't compete all the time, and never practice. There has to be a ratio between the two.

Macrocycles: Year Long Plan
Mesocycles: Develop a plan to achieve a certain goal
Prep Period:
  Base Period:
Build Period:
Peak Period:
Recovery Period:
Microcycle: Training Week:

Also you are going to see, I'm going to employ an amount of physical fitness. Sure it's a game of eye-hand coordination, but when does it hurt to be stronger and faster with more endurance. My example is when the home run race was going on between Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Mark McGuire. What the record for home run each each is around 50, then all of a sudden 3 guys emerge hitting 60+ a year, then it was revealed they were taking steroids. AS far as baseball pitchers go, who are the best? Mostly Bigger heavier guys. Who are the best dart players? Bigger heavier guys.


Now for some pictures I took along the way that have nothing to do with darts.

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