Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Point Protector Spring Idea

Just one of the ideas I have SPRINGing around in my head. Made of 4130 Chro-Mo Steel and Silver fillet brazed together. The spring puts an adjustable amount of tension on the points, so your darts go in and out of the holder, with the amount of resistance that you want. 

"Natural Flavor, with other Natural Flavors"?

Sunday, June 28, 2020

What's a "Hot Button"?

What's a "Hot Button"?

A Hot Button is a memory device that keeps track of your game statistics. You can view them on line and track your performance trends with them. They cost around $12. You can use them on any Galaxy 3 dart board. 

Not only are they handy for keeping track of statistics, but finding competition on line that matches your skill level. If you have a big tournament or match coming up, and you want to tune up a bit. 

Walk up to the machine and choose "Remote Games".

Chose 1 or 2 players. You can play doubles on line as well as singles.

You can play anonymous, but your statistics will not get recorded. 

See that silver button/disc/thingy. Put the button up to that. Some times you have to twist it some to read the hot button.

Viola! ...Up comes your statistics.

Choose a game. For example I want to play Cricket. It says there are 132 games in progress, and 6 people waiting to play. 

Like I said, "Any Galaxy 3 machine". They are all over the USA and World. I've played people on line in Greece, Belgium, Canada, Anywhere. I choose opponents on the left. You can see their skill level (MPR: Marks Per Round). To the right I'm being challenged by 2 people. I can see where they are from, but not there skill level. I know that because of the "??? MPR". Remember ,you don't have to have a hot button to play online. 

I should have taken a picture of the Match. The monitor on the board because 3 parts. 1. Score Board 2. Camera on player throwing. 3. Camera on their dart board. 

When you get on your computer, phone, or however you can access the internet. You can review your stats. 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Ric Smith's LaserDarts LaserBitz

Ric Smith's, LaserDarts LaserBitz

What are "LaserBitz"? 
LaserBitz are pieces of 90% tungsten, that have been textured and/or contoured with precision, so they thread into each other to create a dart.   

If you don't know Ric Smith, he is a regional class player. What more do you need to know?  The key to becoming a regional class dart player is having a dart you can consistently grip and throw the same way every time. Having a dart with different contours and patterns gives the dart distinctive grip points. Everyone holds their dart differently. I suspect it's because everyone's hand is a different size and bends differently. 


Build'a Dart!
(The Ric Smith Build Order)

The Official LaserBitz Information
Horizon Darts Information

Laserdarts Information

....aaaand there ya go!

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Low Tech Practice Idea.

Why do we practice, to become better? How do we become even better, better; We practice better? You know the old cliché, “Don’t practice harder, practice smarter. You practice, write down the results of the practice. Take that data, and then establish benchmarks. Then raise those benchmarks over time. For example I have a routine to throw 100 darts at the 20, and count how many times I hit the triple.

 I used to get a piece of paper and write 3, 6, 9, …to 33 (3darts/1round x 33 =99. Yeah 99 isn’t 100 but close enough). I didn’t really like having to stop, pick up a pen, then write down the result of each round. Then one day I was going through an office supply store and found those tally counter things. It occurred to me I could buy 2. Mark one “Rounds” and the other “Hits”. This way I didn’t have to stop to pick up a pen between rounds, the tally counters would do the calculations for me. 

Then at the end of the practice drill write down the result. This is a lot easier.

Friday, April 24, 2020

A Custom Point Protector Idea

I've been having some point protector ideas going through my head. Most the ones I see are those blocks of wood, with the strip of Velcro in the dart holes to keep the darts from falling out. It's simple, it's functional, and it kinda cleans the darts every time the dart goes in and out of the holes. I always thought the Velcro strip took away from the  looks. If there was only a way to hide the dart locking mechanism.  

I started with a block of aluminum. Marked the holes so when all 3 darts with standard flights are in, they miss each other by 1mm.

Double checking the drill press. Must have the darts going in perpendicular and parallel. Can't have any leaning darts. to the left I have my angle cube on the table to check if it's level. the picture to the right I chucked in a socket extension. Making sure the chuck is perpendicular to the table. The "Angle Cube" is a digital compass. It's correct to 1/10th degree. I've had it 10 year and found it very reliable for many different things. They are about $40 and I highly recommend them.

Drilled the holes, everything fits. I started with 3/32" holes, then worked out to 5/16".

Now drill 1 hole in-between the dart holes. Tap to 5.0 x 0.8mm. 

I used button head style allen bolts, It's what I had on hand. 

Ok now cut off the top. A band saw would have been handy. I didn't exactly walk it straight down the block. You know me, "Mr. Patience". But it's ok, as you will see later

My dart locking devices are O-rings.

I counter sunk the holes, so the O-rings will float inside. If the O-rings wear out, you can replace them.

All bolted together, with some sculpting to the body. It could be polished to a mirror finish. However once you get that mirror finish, you have to maintain it. Some parts are still rough from the file. I'mgoing to leave it that way ("Seasoned"). Plus is masks my impatience with the hack saw.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Side Pockets Lenexa Saturday Night Blind Draw

Side Pockets Lenexa Blind Draw
(13320 W 87th Street Pkwy, Lenexa, Kansas)
I'm a Nacho Fiend. Side Pockets Nachos are Top Notch! They call them "Notches" because after eating them, you will have to add notches to your belt.

More than 10,000 square feet of entertainment space; 20 Pool Tables including Diamond Pro Am tables; 25+ LED flatscreen TVs; 8' HD Big Screen; 8 Electronic Dartboards; Golden Tee Golf; TouchTunes Jukebox; free WIFI.  The dart players  have that elevated space at the top of the picture.

 8 dart boards if you need them. It's a little set away, get away.

 Command Central.  If you need to get away for a few minutes. 

Come on out; for a Saturday Night Out. You never know, you could win $100. 

3 Rounds is the perfect game of 501, and the perfect game begins with Horizon Darts

Sunday, March 15, 2020

League Night at Colonial Club in Strawberry Hill.

The Colonial Club in Strawberry Hill.
The Colonial Club in Strawberry Hill.
Address: 322 6th St, Kansas City, KS 66101  Phone: (913) 291-0251

This is where my Thursday night, Mid-town darts league, calls home.as well as Shorty's Pizza. Besides pizza they also have great sandwiches, wings, and other specials.  Way better than you will get from any corporate chain restaurant, and a lot of other restaurants that claim to sell food.

 A look from in front of the Colonial Club, top the hill towards downtown Kansas City.

A cozy, no nonsense, bar with everything on hand. They make you feel welcomed and right at home. The Colonial Club reminds me a lot of my downstairs basement in the house I grew up in.

Colonial Club has 2 dart boards, One for league, and one to warm up on. It's got comfortable at home feel. They are open to play on for free anytime.

 That Funky Monkey
I used to think Brass Monkey was a liqueur, but actually a cocktail.
1/4 part ounces Dark Rum
1/4 part ounces Vodka    
1/2 part Orange Juice      

A night on the hill.

2415 S 50th St
Kansas City, Kansas 66106
(913) 236-9111