Thursday, May 13, 2021

White Horse Darts/Sharks Singles Steel Tip League

White Horse Darts/Sharks Singles Steel Tip League

Pat Murphy of White Horse Darts has organized a singles steel-tip league at Sharks Billiards
(Special thanks to Jeff Johnson who really busted his but to make this happen)

There were 16 men (8 A-Division, 8 B-Division, and 8 ladies. 

And the Winners
I beat them all, except for Horizon Darts team mate, Paul Schwindamann He beat me both in league and the playoffs. No shame in losing to a national class player. If you remember I reviewed his signature darts, "The Recluse"  a while back. 

Division B Winners
Jay Reeder beat Mike Turner
I didn't have a picture from that night, but lucky for me, they took second out of 44 teams in Caped Doubles at The Triple Bull Dart Tourney in Jefferson, IA last weekend. 
(So if you se there faces on an FBI poster, or Milk Carton, that's what they look like)

On the lady's side. 
The winner "Lady Di" aka Diana Rutherford. and Melinda Dake for second in a field of 8 ladies. 

Allow me to put the cart before the horse. Now that the league is over. Here is the flyer
There is a blind draw Monday (5/17) at Sharks. 
First there was chalk, then dry erase, now digital tablets.

We use a System called "Dart Connect". It does a lot of things for $24/year. One thing is it keeps our league stats. Above is the win percentages. Paul played 7 matches, He won 7 Matches.

These are the Point Per Round averages.

Then if you ready want to geek out.

May 24 is the start of the Double league

Saturday, March 6, 2021

My New Darts .... LaserDarts Black Eagles

 My New Darts .... Laserdarts Black Eagles

There comes a time when you wear out your equipment. I've been throwing these dart for the last 4 years.

Old ones Laserdarts, Silver Eagles to the Left; The new ones Laserdarts, Black Eagles to the Right. 

Here's the new ones. I've been experimenting with Robson, molded flights. You find a shape you want, then press it on. How simple is that? Real Simple.

Black oxide is a conversion coating for metals. It is used to add mild corrosion resistance, for appearance and to minimize light reflection. One of its advantages over other coatings is its minimal buildup.It's useful for hobbyists because they can use it safely without toxic chemicals.

In other words, black oxide won't let the oils in your fingers penetrate the darts. So they won;t get slick over time.

Raised Crispier Knurls, and Groovier Grooves to Groove to. 
It's Grippy, not Sticky. 

Now time for my old ones 
The dart (Laserdarts, Eagles) I won 2 Dart Madness tour stops, and then the Championship with.

As they say, "They are seasoned", but Still functional. That's four years of wear. Not bad considering how much I throw darts.

Watch it on YouTube

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Messenger Steel Tip Dart #2

You didn't miss the review of the Messenger Steel Tip #1. I'm starting with #2 because I like them.  Now the details.
Messenger Steel Tip Dart #2
80% Tungsten
Featuring Shark Cuts and Aggressive Knurl
Even weighted
Weights:  24 & 26 gm
MSRP: $87.80
These really functional dart cases come with the darts. They keep your flights square and from getting beat up. I didn't know how functional they were until I got one. Very Handy.

At 80% tungsten it's a little bigger bigger than the 90% dart. I hit a few 180's with them the first dart. I think they are just as functional as a 90% tungsten dart. Maybe even more functional because the bigger size, depending on how you grip the dart, gives you more control. 

It's a grippy dart with distinctive, repeatable, grip points. What more can I say about it? I throw Laserdarts, "Silver Eagles. I chose to try these first, because of the 3 different styles, this one is the most like the "Silver Eagle". I think one reason people change darts, is because their dart becomes tot familiar, and they stop thinking about how they grip the dart. I had a run in practice with them of 5 ton+ scores in a row and the 6th was an 85. That's pretty good consistency for throwing a dart I've only had 2 days to try out. I might just keep them and change to a new dart.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A Horizon Darts & Monstah Collaboration, "The Remedy"

Horizon Darts & Monstah Collaboration "The Remedy"

Can't find a dart that has enough grip? That's ok, we have the Remedy.
I don't know if the word "Grip" is the right word, because I don't have to grip this dart, it grips me. It's an integration of fingers to darts. 

The darts have 8 grooves going along the length of the darts, as well as around the dart, creating blocks.

 The lengthwise grooves are noticeable and while the dart is round, feels like it has 8 flat sides.

The release is a lot like a rack and pinion. It's the only way to describe it. You don't squeeze this dart at all. It just sets on your hand. 
Where the dart is the rack and the pinion is your fingers. You can defiantly get some thrust on it. It goes forward and doesn't spin. 

A solid groove and some back cuts creates the center.

Monstah's Dart Mulisha Etching

High-Density 90% Tungsten Barrels
Center Balanced

Weight 18g
Barrel Length – 50.0 mm
Barrel Diameter – 6.73 mm

Weight 20g
Barrel Length – 51.6 mm
Barrel Diameter – 6.73 mm

Horizon Darts "The Remedy" 

Monstah Clothing
Monstah's Remedy Link
Not a lot of Houston Oilers flights going around these days.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

11 Of My Shirts

Who doesn't like dart shirts? Here is 11 of mine. Why not 10 shirts? That's the way it is. (Almost went for the 11 cliche, but I didn't) ...Oh wait, maybe I just did?

01: "Cheese's Dart Supply". 
Who is "Cheese"? Answer: Ron Linenberger. limburger cheese ...Linenberger, You get it

02: "Horizon Dart Supply" I had a black one like this, but it's gone. Like I tell people, I'm just a guy that wakes up everyday with the memories of some other person. Most of it is right. Most...I mean I thought I had a black one like it, but I guess I don't.

03: "1998 ADO All-Star West Team". The best players from each region West of the Mississippi would  play the best players in each region East of the Mississippi for the national championship. 

04: "Laserdarts, Black Widow". Not many of these around. Got it from Laserdarts when I was sponsored by them in the 90's

05: "1998 ADO All-Star West Team". Same as 03, but in the year 2000. The year we all had to start writing "2000" for the year, when dating things instead of "00", because it would not be completely obvious, you were not dating it with the intention it was the year 1900. ..."I think the 00 on this check means 1900, not 2000 making it 100 years old and void".

06: I guess it's not an official dart shirt, but I play a lot of darts in it. Check out Speedcult ...You will like it. Got it? Good!

07: "Woody Grand Champion" It's a Charity dart tournament. Everyone plays with the same "Widdy" wooden darts.  I have won singles twice, hence the 2 stars on the collar. These shirts were/are made by White Horse Darts. Check them out, they are nice shirts

08 & 09: I retired a lot of my old shirts.  All the new shirts don't have pockets. I got to have pockets. So what do you do? Called up Tuff-Tees Apparel and got hooked up with some Hilton Vintage Bowling Shirts . 

10: The official Horizon Darts team shirt. Made by Monstah Clothing. Also pictured are the newest collaboration between Horizon and Monstah Clothing. A dart called "The Remedy". I know I said it was just shirts, but my ...BLOG My Rules
"The Remedy" grip? 

11: The last one. Another White Horse Darts Shirt. The quality of the shirts are good. But what really sets them apart is the fact they are not busy. What I mean is, you see these other manufacture's shirts, covered in these over the top redundant prints/patterns, Skulls on fire, Lightning bolts, Tanks, Squirrels on Acid, and ....?.... Whatever. Am I supposed to wear special 3-D glasses? It's visual noise. White Horse Darts shirts are simple and cleverly done. You can actually read them. You know a White Horse Darts shirt when you see it. They stand out, by not being loud. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Dart Madness #3

Wow ...I guess I saved this as a draft. Competed and won the Darts Madness tour stop #3 Aug 1st. 

Its a long day of darts. 35 players showed up and were divided into 4 groups. First it's a round robin (Play everyone 3), then the winner of each group  and the top 4 point per dart averages go into  best of 11, 13, then best of 15 in the finals. 

Like Is said it's a long day of darts, but with good friend the time goes by fast. 

The stats for those that like Stats

Spackler 2020 Folks!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Point Protector Spring Idea

Just one of the ideas I have SPRINGing around in my head. Made of 4130 Chro-Mo Steel and Silver fillet brazed together. The spring puts an adjustable amount of tension on the points, so your darts go in and out of the holder, with the amount of resistance that you want. 

"Natural Flavor, with other Natural Flavors"?