Sunday, November 25, 2018

Ryan Mooneyham Wins Both ADO Regional Cricket and 501 Qualifiers

November 17 and 18 were the regional qualifiers for the national cricket and 501 championship in Las Vegas. and both were won by Ryan Mooneyham. I only played Saturday, and I came in second. The key to his success from my experience playing him is he never seemed to have a bad round. Including his ability to pound the bull. Just like Shark Tank when he hit 2x Double Bulls for the match, he did it 2 more times Saturday.

Here he is, all smiles, and why shouldn't he be? Ryan Mooneyham, your going to Vegas Baby Vegas!  But who is Ryan Mooneyham? Here's a little interview.

SS: What city do you live in? 
RM: I'm from Springfield Missouri

SS: What Dart Association do you play for? 
RM: I  play under the flag OMDA or Ozark Mountain Dart Association

SS: I heard you are the new Area 6 Manager, now that Matt Stoner is ADO Vice President, What does that entail? 
RM: I am the new Area 6 manager for the ADO. Jason Snodgrass is 6-2 and Steve Webb is 6-5. I oversee now the entire area 6 for tournaments and regional playoffs

SS: When did you start playing darts? 
RM: I started playing darts in Indianapolis IN at a friends house. I like to play. This friend is who my ex wife left me for. I became determined to be better at darts than him. Well I discovered tournament play and league play. My first tournament I ever entered was Blueberry Hill in St Louis MO and my first league was in Springfield MO via the OMDA. I started playing darts in 1998 with my first league trophy collected in 2002

SS: What kind of darts do you shoot with?
RM: What got you into playing darts? I shoot a 24 gram Harrows Retina in Steel Tip and a 22 gram Colonial in soft tip plus a 20 gram Accurate Dart called Evolutions

SS: Tell me about how you practice? 
RM: Practice to me is the most important part of my game. I only practice for the game of 501. Cricket is what I shoot the most in soft. I put most of my time into outs and doubles. I struggle with check out percentages and I tend to score well. So I spend my time on the short game. I also practice to relax. To unwind. I can calm a rough day with a good hour on the dart board.Depending on the event I normally practice an hour a day. Close to competition I can practice up to 3 hours a day. I also enjoy shooting a match online with Jason Snodgrass via Skype and Dart Connect The game of darts is what I play. I don't care if it is soft or steel tip, I just want to play. I want to earn all players respect and I play hard every time win or lose. I enjoy playing. 

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