Thursday, November 15, 2018

How About 131 Out?

How about 131 out? It wasn't long ago if you went for 80 it was considered showboating to go D20-D20 (40-40), but now if your opponent is on a double (40 or less), you consider going for it because 2 doubles are bigger than a triple and a double. So I'm going to make an argument for starting 131 with an unconventional T14 (42).

The out chart will tell you T20-T13-D16 (60-39-32), or T20-T17-D10 (60-51-20). Some might go T19-T14-D16 (57-42-32) because a single 19 leaves 112 which is a good path to go. Heck if you miss left and hit T7(21) that leaves 110; T20-D25 (60-50) a 2 dart out. 

Why not go T14-T19-D16? This way if you go high and hit T9 (27) leaves 104 (T18, D25); Miss low T11 (33) leaves 98 (T20-D19). Plus if your intention is to take 131 you are going to have to shoot at T14 anyway, so why not do it when you can benefit from both adjacent triples?

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