Friday, November 2, 2018

New Laserdarts American Eagles with L-Style Flights and Shafts

Thursday I used my new Laserdarts American Eagle Darts. Josh really outdone himself here.

They are like the Laserdarts Eagles, but with with ghost rings and 4 deep lateral cuts and are titanium aluminium nitride coated (Same durable, vapor coating used for aerospace,and medical equipment).

There is nothing like the grip of a new knurled dart ...I thought ...until I tried these. For me I could never use the "Taylor" style grip, because the grooves are too deep and the dart would stick to my fingers. It was like I could never let go of the dart. These have a nice solid grip that I can release.

The lateral cuts add a new dynamic. depending on the way you grip your dart. I grip mine with the dart on top of my thumb. The groove creates a groove on your thump that point towards the target so to speak. Combined with the grooves around the barrel creates an X, so you know you have the dart the same place again and again for consistency.

For me it the Goldilocks dart. the grooves are not too deep, and they are not too shallow.If you see me around, I'll have a set with me so you can check them out. If you don't see me, go to Horizon Darts and check them out.

They also come in soft-tip, I'll be getting a set of those next.

On to the Flights and Shafts. Yes I know I was just taunting the virtues of the Cosmo flight system, but I saw the L-Style Flights and Shafts and decided to give them a whirl.

The shaft is unique in the fact they have fins that protect the bottom of the flights

They have these things called "Champagne Rings" that fit inside the flight, then you slide the flight and ring into the shaft, it's that easy. The Champagne ring is made of a different material than the flight and shaft. The champagne ring prevents robin-hooding and holds the flight to the shaft tightly. I think it holds the flight to the shaft better than the Cosmo ...Plus they come in different colors.

As far as robin-hooding goes with both systems it's so infrequent, I don't think it's an issue. The main difference is flight thickness and weight. The L-Style is thinner, making it lighter and more flexible. To prevent wear as you can see in the picture the leading edge of the flight and back is reinforce to prevent premature wear. They also have a gusset in the middle to keep the fins at 90 degrees. Cosmo does make an "Air" flight that is lighter and more flexible than the regular Cosmo flight.

Some people like the heavy flight (to each there own), but if you want a light durable molded flight, you might check out L-Style. Heck just go to Horizon and check out the many different flight and shaft systems available. They have all the shapes and sizes and you can try them out in the store with experienced staff that can help you  pick out whats best for you.

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