Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Spinning Flights vs. Locked Flights

Spinning flights vs. locked flights has always been a theory, well it still is. You hear about the theory that spinning flights, spin out of the way. I've never seen any data, and without data to me it's a theory. Some people regard them as a gimmick, but without data it's someone's opinion. So I decided to see for myself. Challenge accepted.

Same darts (24g Eagles fixed point, Cosmo shafts locked no.4, Cosmo shafts spinning no.4, Cosmo standard flights.

I figured a good test would be to throw 100 darts at the bull with spinning, and 100 locked. To not throw off the data with the warm up factor I'd throw 33 alternating shaft and flight systems. Then I would do the same with Triple 20.

In case you are wondering what the difference is between the spinning shaft and locked shaft I snapped this picture. The locked shaft is the same as the spinning shaft only it's square at the top and a wee bit thicker.

Ok to the data. I noticed the number were getting better the more darts I threw. So I decided to throw another round of 100 darts each at bull instead of triple 20 and this time start with spinning instead of locked. So there you go. BF is supposed to stand for Bull Fixed (Fixed=Locked ...yeah yea), and of course BS stands for Bull Spinning. The first set I threw 64 bulls of 100 Spinning, and 53 of 100 Locked. Then the next set 73 bulls of 100 Spinning, and 64 bulls of 100 Locked. (Note I counted the double as double). Maybe I should not have, maybe I should not have since this was a test of grouping .vs accuracy. None-The-Less...there you go.
What does it all mean? First set I threw 11 more with spinning, and 9 more with spinning. the you have to figure I already threw with the spinning flight system so I was more comfortable with that. Like I said in the post before. I throw spinning flights because I like the way it effects the trajectory of the dart because when the dart spins, the flight does not spin. Some say the flight spins the incoming in and out, and I will say sometimes they do cause deflections that border on the paranormal.

The wear on the Cosmo flights are pretty impressive. Normally I go through a set of standard poly flights a night. This is a picture of the flights after probably 250 throws.

In conclusion, take from it what you will. Darts is about replicating the same action. I had a lot of throws when I missed all 3 at bull, that's not the darts fault, that's mine. Try them out and do the same and see what works best for you...just my observation.

Tonight I also updated the blog with a list of bars the have Steel tip Boards.

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